Since 1976, The best quality and service from the Mendez Family.

Thank you El Segundo!

Since 1976, The best quality and service

from the Mendez Family. Thank you El Segundo!

Gift Certificates

La Paz is now offering 10% & 15% DISCOUNT Gift Certificates! Give the gift of a full belly to family, friends, co-workers & other loved ones in your life. Just fill out our Gift Certificate form beneath with all the required details of your purchase and & place your order via PAYPAL.


La Paz will send you your redeemable Gift Certificate via an email as a PDF file which you can easily download and/or forward to your receiver.


We honor & accept all certificates in

printable form, as well as simply presented via your cell phone during your visit.


Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have.

Thank you.


Please allow up to 48hrs to receive your gift certificate by email.

If you haven't received your email after 48 hrs., please call 1-800-538-6150 Thank You!


Terms and Conditions

1.LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT GIFT CERTIFICATES - The following provisions govern the offering of GIFT CERTIFICATES (as defined below) by LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT and are an integral part of the LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT Terms and Conditions that can be found at

1.1 Purchasing Gift Cards. LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT offers GIFT CERTIFICATES (“Gift Cards”) that can be purchased and redeemed at You must have an Account with PAYPAL to purchase or redeem GIFT CERTIFICATES; purchasing or redeeming GIFT CERTIFICATES constitutes acceptance of LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT’S  Terms and Conditions. Unless expressly stated otherwise, GIFT CERTIFICATES will be provided by LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT in electronic (email), form only.

1.2 Redeeming GIFT CERTIFICATES. GIFT CERTIFICATES may only be redeemed at LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT and may not be redeemed towards previous purchases. Every purchase made with a GIFT CERTIFICATES (plus any applicable shipping/handling fees, taxes, and other fees that may apply) is deducted from the GIFT CERTIFICATES balance and any unused GIFT CERTIFICATES balance will remain on the GIFT CERTIFICATE. Gift Card balances will be used against the total order placed at LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT while dining at location only. If any purchase exceeds the Gift Card account, the balance must be paid with a credit card or any other payment method accepted at LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT.

1.3 GIFT CERTIFICATE BALANCE. The balance of a GIFT CERTIFICATE will be placed on the GIFT CERTIFICATE after it’s first use with up to two (2), uses per GIFT CERTIFICATE.

1.4 Restrictions. Balances on multiple GIFT CERTIFICATES cannot be combined into a combined balance on one or more new GIFT CERTIFICATE AND cannot be reloaded or recharged, or redeemed together with a coupon or other GIFT CERTIFICATES for the same order. Except as expressly allowed by LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT, GIFT CERTIFICATES may not be transferred for value or resold. Except to the extent required by applicable law, GIFT CERTIFICATES cannot be redeemed for cash or checks and GIFT CERTIFICATES balances cannot be transferred to credit card accounts or accounts of other means of payment. If applicable law requires LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT to redeem GIFT CERTIFICATES for cash, check, or other means of payment, LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT reserves the right to select any of the foregoing at its discretion. GIFT CERTIFICATES can only be redeemed for purchases in the currency that matches the personal currency preferences set for the respective Account. LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT reserves the right to reject the redemption of GIFT CERTIFICATES and request alternative forms of payment, and take legal actions, if LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT reasonably believes that GIFT CERTIFICATES are abused or used or obtained fraudulently. 1.5 Risk of Loss. The title and risk of loss for GIFT CERTIFICATES passes upon electronic transmission of the GIFT CERTIFICATE by LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT to the purchaser of the GIFT CERTIFICATE. LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT  has no obligation to replace lost or stolen GIFT CERTIFICATE, but you can report lost or stolen GIFT CERTIFICATES by contacting LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT .

1.6 No expiration date or fees. GIFT CERTIFICATES have no expiration date and LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT charges no fee in connection with the purchase (except for the selected purchase price of the GIFT CERTIFICATE) or redemption of GIFT CERTIFICATES.


You may have other or additional rights in connection with your purchase or redemption of GIFT CERTIFICATES under the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you reside and nothing in this Section restricts such rights you may have.





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